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Tilly Birds

❝We're a bunch of music nerds with totally assorted musical backgrounds born and raised in Bangkok, our hometown.❞
Despite the band's distinctive sound and character, our genre is still mostly undefined more than ten years after we formed it, which is a fantastic thing. We always answer "alternative" when someone asks what genre we write in.
A YouTuber-turned-guitarist/producer, is producing the songs.
The soulful/divo-ish lead vocals, who writes the lyrics and directs music videos.
Our versatile drummer wizard genius, who arranges the music and raps!
Talk about fusion food, right? I mean, if that's not a wild combination, we don't know what is! We've been touring in Thailand for a while now, but man, growing up listening to legends like the Beatles, Queen, and so on kinda got us wanting to go worldwide. We don't know what the future holds, as long as we are able to breathe, we'll keep on grooving and making music for you. Literally nothing can stop us from music, because it's our life. But even with all this bio, you won't truly understand who we are till you check out our music! Go ahead, stream the albums, people! 🤘
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